5 Things To Do This Winter Break

Some of my friends are going on vacation this Winter Break, but most of us are just planning on wasting the whole two and a half weeks staying in bed watching Netflix. I mean, if that’s what you want to do, go for it, but this year, I want to don’t want to let any second go to waste. So here, I’ve decide to list down 5 fun things to do this Winter break, but most of these, you could try any time of the year when you’re bored!

1. Create holiday cards for your friends and family: With your friends, or by yourself, design and make some fun holiday cards to send to people you love! Everyone loves to recieve homemade cards rather than store bought ones!

2. Play in the snow: Build a snowman, go sledding, or build a snow fort, or find your own way to have fun in the snow!

3. Host a Pinterest party: Invite your friends over and together, try out all the Pinterest hacks, crafts, and DIYs you’ve seen but never have a chance to try.

4. Host a Christmas themed movie marathon: With your friends, make a list of all the Christmas classics and see how many you can watch in one single night. Will you be the last person awake?

5. Organize your closet: Do you have a pile of Summer clothes that just don’t fit you anymore? Well, a great idea is to organize your closet and separate your clothes into two piles- a “keep” pile, and a “don’t keep” pile. Donate all your “don’t keep” clothes to your local clothing bank or thrift store so you have an excuse to buy more clothes!

And that wraps up our list! I hope you found something fun to do this Winter break or were inspired! Happy Holidays!




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