Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Our favourite time of the year has come again. Christmas! But it was just yesterday when I realized that I haven’t gotten anything for anyone yet and Christmas is only 17 days away! Can you believe it? Because I sure can’t. And of course, it’s not because I’m lazy or anything and just decided to use my procrastination skills again, I just didn’t come across anything that caught my eye air inspired me.

But let’s be real for a second. Our friends deserve a private island as their present but most of us obviously can’t afford that. So as I was thinking about it, I decided to come up with a list of 10 affordable Christmas gift ideas for anyone. Your welcome!

1. iPhone Case: Or any type of phone case in general and you can get them for an affordable price anywhere, any color, any design, honestly, this gift is perfect for your phone addict friend.

2. Starbucks Gift Card: Again, any type of gift card works. It always depends on who you’re giving it to but I think nothing can go wrong with Starbucks gift card because who doesn’t love Starbucks?

3. Bath Bombs: I would definitely love to receive a bath bomb as my gift. Lush has a great variety of bath bombs you can get for an inexpensive price and they are literally so cool!

4. Hand Lotions: I think this is the perfect gift for your teacher, your mom, your aunts, and just anyone, really.

5. DIY Photo Colloge: This gift is extremely easy to make and it looks like you put in a lot of effort, when really, it only took ten minutes. Just print out some photos that he/she might like and create a personalized collage! Simple, but nice to receive.

6. Candles: Again, this is a gift that can never go wrong. Bath and Body Works has a huge variety of holiday themed candles with gorgeous scents. If you want to personalize it, try making your own candle!

7. Candy-filled Mug: This is another of those gifts that are easy to make but are thoughtful to recieve. Simply buy a plain mug, fill it with his/her favourite candies and decorate the mug! Quick and affordable, but nice to have.

8. Keychain: I would love to recieve a fluffy keychain this Christmas! If you want, you could even get a custom keychain where you can personalize it by engraving his/her name on it! They’re very inexpensive, but cute.

9. TV Show Merchandise: For your Netflix obsessed friend! You can get a cool T-Shirt of his/her favourite TV show, or it could be their favourite YouTuber. It really depends on the gift-receiver!

10. Customized Friendship Bracelet: Show your friend how much they mean to you by making them a bracelet! If you don’t have the patience, you can always buy them at your local jewelry store!

Now, that’s the end of my list! Hope you found it helpful or inspired you! Happy Holiday Shopping!





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