30 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Recently, I started posting regularly on my blog about what I like and things that inspire me. But I want to make a post where it’s all about me so you can learn a little more about who I am, the things I love, and my personalities and characteristics and not just what I like to write about. So here, I’ve gathered 30 facts that you probably didn’t know about me.

1. I love animals- horses, dogs, and pandas are my favourite.

2. I’m a student( I’m still in school).

3. Science is my worst subject in school.

4. I love P.E. and English.

5. I speak fluent French.

6. I’m Canadian.

7. I’m very talkative with my friends but hate speaking in public.

8. I’m 5’6 tall.

9. I’m an only child. And I’m jealous of myself.

10. My favourite colour is royal blue. Not dark blue. Not midnight blue. Royal blue.

11. I love eating bananas. That’s weird. But yeah, if you gave me ten bananas, I bet you I could sit there for hours eating them all.

12. My favourite food is pizza and it’s becoming a big part of my weekly routine, which is a problem.

13. I love reading and I usually like to finish a whole series in one day so I can read it again the next day. And again the next day.

14. I hate it when people chew on their nails with nail polish on.

15. My favourite movie is Moanna.

16. My all time favourite YouTuber is Bethany Mota.

17. My two favourite bloggers are Dizzybrunette3 and Zoella.

18. My go-to clothing brand is Forever21.

19. My favourite drugstore makeup brand is Covergirl.

20. My favourite singer at the moment is Hailee Steinfield.

21. My favourite band at the moment is The Chainsmokers.

22. I am an absolute night owl. In fact, most of my blogs were written at around 2:00 am.

23. I would love to take a tour around all of Europe some day.

24. I am extremely afraid of heights.

25. My sarcasm and humour sometimes gets me into trouble.

26. I have a huge collection of bows. In other words, gigantic.

27. I never used training wheels. In fact, I learned how to ride a bike on my own when I was 4.

28. Before I became best friends with my best friend, we were enemies.

29. I love the rain, but dislike snow.

30. I used to hate school so much that one day, I hid in the bathroom for what seemed like the whole day but my teacher eventually found me and I got in trouble.

So that’s about it! I hope you got to know me a lot better after reading this so I don’t seem like some weird stranger anymore, but I guess I’m still weird anyways so…..






4 thoughts on “30 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! If you go on your settings and explore through, you will find a button to allow your reader to see snowfall when they visit. When I have time, it would be my pleasure to visit your blog!!

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